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Hanna Turi

Parallell with the graphic design I'm working as an independent artist by the name Hanna Turi.  I write 90% of my stuff on the piano and have released a couple of albums and many singles. 


Music was the reason I ever got into graphic design. It started when I was going to release my debut album. I felt extremely uncomfortable giving the job to someone else who might misunderstand what I wanted to achieve visually. So I got Photoshop and started learning how to do it myself. I wrote all the lyrics by hand and scanned them to make it feel handmade. I still do sometimes. During the years I've been working hard with both careers and it's pretty cool how it works so well together. I've learned how to make videos, GIF:s and social media content by doing. Here are some of the things I'm most proud of. Hope you enjoy!